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Artists Come First. We Want What’s Best For You!

We’re creators. Pioneers. Music came to us at birth. The music business came way later. What started as talent we discovered for ourselves, had to be shared with others to reach its full value, and here we are.

The business side of music to most artists is very difficult and doesn’t get enough attention when an artist is starting out, but it is absolutely essential to have in order to navigate toward a successful career.

That’s what we are here for. If you’ve perfected your craft, have killer songs; you’re most likely ready for help in the actual entertainment industry–the business and taking the next step.

If you can’t wrap your head around all methods and functions an artist AND entrepreneur must have to make a name for yourself, you’ll ultimately need a team of professionals to guide you into the right decisions for your career.

The whole point is by getting signed to Atlas Star Records and getting a publishing deal from Atlas King Publishing, you’ll have everything you need like Grammy winning producers. Just about any venue you can think of, and networking chances with potential sponsors or celebrities is always possible. It gets better. We offer free distribution, you keep 100% of your performance royalties. We take 0% of your branded merchandise sold. We’ll give you free management and constant business consultations. Between our extensive network and innovative concepts concerning NFT’s, we have every angle covered amidst the treacherous waters you’re jumping into by following this dream that burns inside you.

It really does take a caring team to make it. Let us help you.

Unfortunately we do not accept everyone into our family. There is a strict screening process we’ve designed to eliminate those who just aren’t ready or they’re not really as serious as we are. If you are denied, we promise to give you a reason and won’t leave you hanging. If there’s something you can work on and fix, we’ll let you know and you can reapply.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a joint effort for those who ultimately get approved to take full advantage of the opportunities we have in store.

So tighten up them boot straps and get ready for the ride.

Goonie Lil-Park Blue Devil Representing Indianapolis

Atlas Star Records

Charleston, South Carolina USA


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